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It smells like Christmas – find out what Istrians eat during Advent!


We believe you have all heard of Istrian prosciutto, but ombolo and sausages are equally famous! The process of preparing these products for some Istrian families has become a tradition that is nurtured from year to year.

If you find yourself in Istria during December, be sure to try:

Istrian prosciutto and cheese as an appetizer. We’re sure we don’t need to write much about it.

Ombolo or žlomprt is the meaty part of a thick pork neck. Before consumption, the meat should be left to dry for two to three weeks. The interesting thing about the whole process is that it has to be rubbed with salt, pepper and crushed laurel before drying. This specialty is worth tasting as a main course with sausages.

Istrian sausages are prepared from carefully selected pieces of pork seasoned with a specific mixture made from wine and other special spices. This mixture is poured over the sausages before they are left to dry for two weeks.

We suggest that you taste these winter specialties in one of the many agritourism’s that produce them by themselves, so you can be sure that only the best comes to your table.