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Terms and Conditions

MONDO FERIO d.o.o. turistička agencija, turizam i usluge (tourist agency, tourism and services), from Novigrad, Ulica rijeke Dragonje 7, Personal ID no.(OIB): 86304016104, (hereinafter: The Agency)


The agency was established under Croatian law and its main activity is the provision of services in tourism, i.e. mediation in the sale of accommodation facilities.

The agency provides the guest with accommodation services according to the published information available on the website www.villasholiday.com, and according to the description and date in accordance with the confirmed reservation.

The agency provides its services in its own name, but on behalf of the property owner, or acts as an intermediary in arranging and implementing accommodation between the guest and the property owner.

The term guest (guests), in terms of these General Terms and Conditions, means the person to whom the offer is addressed, i.e. who has confirmed the reservation and all persons staying with him in the accommodation.


Inquiries and accommodation reservations are received electronically, in writing to the postal address or in person at the Agency’s head office.

The Agency makes available to the guest all relevant information related to the service, and offers him the possibility of insurance for any damage in the property.

At each inquiry of the guest, the Agency sends an offer and by paying an advance, the guest confirms the reservation.

When making the reservation, the guest is obliged to provide the information required of him by the reservation process.

To confirm the reservation, it is necessary to pay an advance in the amount of 30% of the price, and the guest pays the rest of the price no later than 30 days before arrival.

By confirming the reservation, the guest fully accepts these General Terms and Conditions and they fully apply to the contractual relationship between the guest and the Agency.

Payments can be made:


Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Discover, DinersClub.

All transactions and data are secured and protected by an SSL certificate through our online payment service provider.


Guests from abroad can pay for their reservations by a bank transfer to our foreign currency account.  The costs of the sending bank and the beneficiary bank are borne in full by the guest.

Payment details are as follows:

MONDO FERIO d.o.o. turistička agencija, turizam i usluge

Novigrad, Ulica rijeke Dragonje 7

OIB (Personal identification number): 86304016104

Tax number: HR 86304016104

Bank account: IBAN HR8424020061100992069 SWIFT/BIC: ESBCHR22

Upon receipt of your advance payment, the guest will receive a confirmation of the advance payment via e-mail. Upon receipt of the payment in full – the guest will also receive via e-mail the confirmation of payment, which also serves as a reservation confirmation-voucher.



According to the current Tourist Tax Act of the Republic of Croatia, the guest pays the tourist tax at the same time when paying for the accommodation service, which is included in the price of accommodation.



The price of accommodation includes the basic accommodation service, specified in the offer. 

Special services are not included in the price of accommodation, and the guest pays them separately (pet fee, damage compensation deposit when there is no insurance policy, final cleaning fee).  The guest should announce additional services during the reservation process, otherwise the Agency does not take responsibility for the lack of these services.

The Agency reserves the right to change the published prices (in the event of a change in accommodation prices by the property owner or a change in the exchange rate).

If the change occurs before the advance payment and/or confirmation of the reservation by the guest, the agency notifies the guest of the price change.

For guests who have paid an advance for a particular reservation, the agency guarantees the price of accommodation stated in the calculation on the basis of which they paid the amount of the advance. If after the advance payment there is a change in the exchange rate of the agreed currency or an increase in fees for certain services that affect the price of travel, which the agency could not know when making the offer, the agency has the right to increase the price no later than 30 days prior to the check-in date.  In this case, the guest has the right to cancel the reservation if the price increase is more than 10% of the price from the reservation confirmation with the right to a refund of the amount paid so far (less bank charges), but without the right to any other fees or compensation.
The exchange rate at which the price was formed is stated in the reservation confirmation.[1]

[1] As a reference rate, the mean exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank is used for drawing up the reservation offer.



Accommodation units are described according to the official categorisation obtained and for which the property owner is responsible. The information provided by the Agency to the guest is binding only according to the description and photos published on the website www.villasholiday.com.



In case the guest cancels the reservation, the advance payment made for the purpose of the reservation confirmation in the amount of 30% of the total agreed accommodation price, as well as other amounts paid to the Agency, are non-refundable.

In the event of the guest cancelling the reservation, the following cancellation fees will be charged:
– Free cancellation notified within 24 hours of the reservation.
– Reservation cancellations notified till 31 days before arrival: 30% of the total reservation cost is charged
– Reservation cancellations notified between 30 and 1 day before arrival: 100% of the total reservation cost is charged
– Reservation cancellations on the arrival day or no-show: 100% of the total reservation cost is charged.

The day when the cancellation notice has been received is considered the cancellation date. In case of no-show or unannounced delayed arrival, Agency keeps the total reservation amount.

The above rules do not apply in case of cancellation of a reservation made within 21 days until the check-in date – the so-called last-minute reservation, in which case the guest is not entitled to any refunds.

In case of cancellation by the property owner without a justified reason, he is not entitled to any fees from the Agency. In that case, the Agency will use all paid fees, in addition to its commission, to ensure another accommodation that the guest chooses, with the further provision that the property owner is obliged to pay all the difference in the price of the second (replacement) accommodation. If the reservation is cancelled due to force majeure or exceptional circumstances (war, riots, terrorist acts, natural disasters, various epidemics and pandemics), the property owner is obliged to return all amounts paid to the agency and the guest has the right to a refund or alternative accommodation in agreement with the property owner and the Agency.




The guest is obliged to:
– pay the advance payment and the price of accommodation on the due date, possess valid travel documents and obtain them on time, if necessary,
– comply with the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia, i.e. the country of destination and the country through which it passes or resides
– upon arrival at the destination, the property owner should be presented with a document on the paid service (reservation confirmation- voucher from the agency)
– the guest must check whether he needs a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia and obtain it in time
– adhere to house rules in accommodation facilities, and cooperate with service providers in good faith, in case of violation of house rules




Number of guests

At any time, the maximum number of persons indicated on the reservation confirmation can be accommodated in the accommodation facility.

Tents and caravans

It is forbidden to put tents, caravans or similar on or next to the villa.

Pets and allergies</>

The possibility of the arrival of pets and the conditions under which their possible arrival is allowed is indicated in the description of the accommodation facility. All pets must be vaccinated in a timely manner against rabies and all other diseases in accordance with applicable regulations, of which guests must be notified in a timely manner before booking accommodation.

Keeping pets in the accommodation facility is the sole responsibility of the guest and any liability of the property owner or the Agency for any illness or injury that pets may suffer during their stay is excluded.

The agency does not take responsibility for allergic reactions of guests that may occur in the accommodation facility.

Newly built buildings

When booking newly built villas, the guest must be aware of the possibility that the newly built facilities may not have some characteristics due to the conditions and circumstances of construction, or the effects of atmospheric conditions (e.g. no grass, different flowers, soft soil, etc.), in relation to which the Agency does not take any liability.


Guests are required to refrain from disturbing public order and noise with noise and clamour. Playing music above the residual noise level is not allowed after 10 pm.

Swimming pools, playgrounds, barbecue, infrastructure

Certain accommodation facilities have swimming pools or other bodies of water, playgrounds and a barbecue area.

The guest accepts that the use of these facilities is the sole responsibility of the guest, i.e. people staying with the guest in the accommodation. Children under the age of 18 must be under the constant supervision of an adult – one of the guests. Any open flames or embers should be extinguished so that there is no possibility of self-ignition.

Infrastructure facilities (installation covers, junction boxes, video surveillance system) are not intended for use.

House Rules

Each accommodation facility has its own house rules that are displayed in a visible place. The guest is obliged to study the house rules in detail and adhere to them throughout the stay.

Arrival and departure

The guest is obliged to leave the accommodation facility by 10 a.m., and guests on arrival can start using the property from 4 p.m. onwards. If the guest leaves the property after 6 p.m., he is obliged to pay the property owner the entire accommodation fee for the current day. Violation of any of the above rules is a sufficient reason to terminate the rental with immediate effect and guests undertake to leave the accommodation permanently within 2 (two) hours, without the right of guests to any fees or compensation for unused accommodation.



The agency instructs guests to keep luggage and personal belongings with increased care, and to keep money and valuables in a safe located in the accommodation. The agency does not take responsibility for luggage, personal belongings, money and valuables that are destroyed, lost, damaged or stolen in the accommodation and instructs guests to report such circumstances without delay to the competent police station or contact the property owner for help with reporting it.



The Agency informs that the consumer or guest has the right to submit a written complaint about the services provided by the agency by mail or by e-mail to the following addresses:


Registered office address: Ulica rijeke Dragonje 7, 52466 Novigrad

E-mail: info@villasholiday.com 

The Agency shall respond to the complaint in writing within 15 days of its receipt by the means of communication by which the complaint was sent.


The Agency applies the privacy policies available here for the collection and processing of personal data.



Relevant provisions of Croatian law shall apply to all other relations that are not specifically regulated by these General Terms and Conditions. Any disputes that would not be resolved amicably, by agreement, will be resolved by the competent court according to the seat of the Agency. The Agency reserves the right to amend and/or supplement these General Terms and Conditions at any time, which it will publish on its website www.villasholiday.com, and may additionally inform the guest if it deems it necessary (e.g. for larger or more significant amendment).