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  • Villa Panoramica
    max-personGuests: 8 bedBedrooms: 4 areaHouse area: 514m2 bathroomBathrooms: 6 locationViškovići, Croatia

    From4.991 EUR(37.605 kn) week

  • Villa Nina
    max-personGuests: 8 bedBedrooms: 4 areaHouse area: 160m2 bathroomBathrooms: 5 locationFradelani, Croatia pets

    From1.100 EUR(8.288 kn) week

  • Villa Tramonto
    max-personGuests: 6 bedBedrooms: 4 areaHouse area: 250m2 bathroomBathrooms: 4 locationPinezići, Croatia pets

    From2.296 EUR(17.299 kn) week

  • Villa Sara
    max-personGuests: 10 bedBedrooms: 5 areaHouse area: 228m2 bathroomBathrooms: 5 locationSveti Ivan, Croatia

    From2.954 EUR(22.257 kn) week

  • Villa Lusa
    max-personGuests: 8 bedBedrooms: 3 areaHouse area: 160m2 bathroomBathrooms: 4 locationBajčići, Croatia pets

    From1.834 EUR(13.818 kn) week

  • Villa Katarina Klimno
    max-personGuests: 4 bedBedrooms: 2 areaHouse area: 90m2 bathroomBathrooms: 2 locationKlimno, Croatia

    From1.099 EUR(8.280 kn) week

  • Villa Pinia
    max-personGuests: 10 bedBedrooms: 5 areaHouse area: 230m2 bathroomBathrooms: 4 locationDrvenik Mali pets

    From2.098 EUR(15.807 kn) week

  • Villa Ana
    max-personGuests: 12 bedBedrooms: 6 areaHouse area: 256m2 bathroomBathrooms: 5 locationLabin, Croatia

    From2.275 EUR(17.141 kn) week

  • Villa Antiqua
    max-personGuests: 7 bedBedrooms: 3 areaHouse area: 130m2 bathroomBathrooms: 2 locationOsor, Croatia

    From1.377 EUR(10.375 kn) week

  • Villa Faloniga
    max-personGuests: 8 bedBedrooms: 4 areaHouse area: 220m2 bathroomBathrooms: 4 locationVižinada, Croatia

    From2.625 EUR(19.778 kn) week

  • Villa Banko
    max-personGuests: 4 + 1 bedBedrooms: 2 areaHouse area: 80m2 bathroomBathrooms: 2 locationTinjan, Croatia

    From910 EUR(6.856 kn) week

  • Villa Letizia
    max-personGuests: 6 bedBedrooms: 3 areaHouse area: 139m2 bathroomBathrooms: 3 locationOprtalj, Croatia

    From1.120 EUR(8.439 kn) week

Discover your dream holiday villa

Find your perfect holiday in Croatia and make your dream holiday come true! Villas Holiday offers you a top selection of premium villas with all the luxuries of contemporary life in amazing locations all over the country.

The hand-picked villas offer you privacy and a feeling of home on holiday. Fully-equipped with modern appliances and furnished with close attention to detail, they provide you with a comfortable place to stay where you can share wonderful moments with your nearest and dearest.

In addition to beautifully styled interiors, the villas have well-maintained garden areas, ideal for relaxation and quality time outdoors. In most cases there is a pool with a sunbathing deck around it as well as dining and lounge sets. The villas come with a variety of additional services available such as wellness areas, fun activities and bicycles at your disposal.

Set in beautiful Croatia, the villas give you a safe and peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Some are situated in the midst of the charming croatian countryside, some are close to the beautiful Adriatic Sea. And all of them are located in a quiet area, yet not far from fascinating and exciting places of interest.

Visit lovely coastal towns, see magical hilltop towns, cycle & hike along Parenzana and other trails, splash in water parks, explore croatian attractions and heritage… and then go home. Your comfortable, luxurious home on holiday - in one of our exceptional villas. Because that’s Croatia at its finest!