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ISTRIAN SUPA – hang out like Istrians


Although supa in Istrian means soup, Istrian soup means something entirely different for Istrians. Istrian supa is a traditional drink that people here prepare in unique containers – bukalete, and the main ingredient of this soup is red wine, Teran.

In addition to wine, for the perfect Istrian supa you will also need olive oil, sugar and toast, and it is no wonder that Istrians consider this drink to be a drink of society! It is consumed exclusively at celebrations and ceremonies to warm up everyone present and make the event even more pleasant and beautiful. If you ask Istrians, Istrian supa is part of their tradition and something they are just as proud of as the Istrian prosciutto, olive oil, truffles and wine.

It is customary for all to drink soup from the same bukaleta, and you can try it in one of the Istrian taverns – don’t worry, you won’t have to share it with anyone, you will get your own portion.