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3 hidden spots in Istria you don’t want to miss


Wherever you travel, it is easy to find places that are the main highlights of that region, and that most tourists already know about. Who hasn’t heard of Rovinj, the amphitheatre in Pula, Grožnjan, …? But if you are looking for places that are still a bit unknown to tourists and that will reveal the other side of Istria, then be sure to visit the following places:


In the village of Kotli, you will see a real natural attraction – the river Mirna flows through stone and limestone to create beautiful small pools where you can swim during the summer. This place is magical in all seasons and worth a visit.


If you want to go back to the Middle Ages, then we recommend that you visit the city of Dvigrad. Dvigrad is an abandoned town in Istria where you can explore the ruins of a medieval town. Although this city has been abandoned for several hundred years, it is still well preserved, and there is no admission which makes it easier to visit.

Zarečki krov

Sometimes nature itself surprises us with its works, so if you find yourself near Pazin, be sure to visit Zarečki krov – a natural attraction of the Pazinčica river. The spacious cave is protected by its roof from which flows a beautiful waterfall. Local people here find some summer refreshment from the high temperatures. Be sure to enjoy a summer morning here too!