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3 dishes you need to try during autumn in Istria


Istria is known for its varied choice of traditional specialities that guests love to taste. Each season brings products that restaurants and konobas use to prepare various delicacies, so we took a chance to reveal to you three dishes you should try if you find yourself in Istria during autumn.

Fusi with white truffles

You might already have had a chance to try truffles with various meals, and you were surely delighted with the taste, but be sure this one you will love! In autumn, the white truffle season is in full swing, and every restaurant and konoba prepare some of their best specialities with them. It is not surprising that many people enjoy this meal during the fall, especially with homemade traditional Istrian pasta that you will adore.

Beefsteak with wild mushrooms

Once the rain starts to fall in autumn, passionate mushroom pickers go into the woods on their hunt. In autumn, the forests are rich in mushrooms that serve as the main ingredient of various delicacies Istrians like to prepare. One of them is a steak with wild mushrooms, and we recommend you try it.

Creamy pumpkin soup

With the arrival of colder weather, soups become a favourite part of meal time to make it easier to warm up. Pumpkin soup is an ideal autumn meal that will invigorate your soul and body during a colder day.