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Top 3 family-friendly bike routes in Istria


You probably heard that Istria is one of the most famous cycling destinations in Croatia, with more than 500 kilometres of bike routes for professionals and recreationists. The good news is, if you like to stay active during your vacation, there are trails that you can easily enjoy with your children too. We did the research and found routes you can explore with your family to get to know Istria in a different way.

Family route Katoro – Umag

This bike route starts from the city centre, behind the building of the Istrian Credit Bank. This is an official bike trail that you can easily find by the signs on the road – all you need to do is follow the number 22. It is beautiful because you will ride mostly along the sea and thus be able to enjoy all the beauties of Umag, and the route is only 10 km long.

Family route Vižinada

The Family route Vižinada is a bike route that starts from the centre of Vižinada, near the old Parenzana railway. You will ride on side roads and macadam through numerous Istrian villages, olive groves, and vineyards. The total length of the route is 13 km, and the number you need to follow is 103.

On the roads of castles

For some special fun for your children, choose this bike route! This trail starts and ends in Svetvinčenat, and it is interesting because, on its course, you will learn stories about knights and witches, and pass near some incredible historical and natural attractions, such as castles! For this adventure, all you need is to follow the number 671. The route is only 11,8 km long!