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Fun activities for kids

A horse riding tour

Istria is a beautiful region, and there is no more charming way of experiencing all its nooks and crannies than from the back of a strong and friendly horse.

Glavani Park

For those among you who are always up for a little adventure and excitement, take a closer look at Glavani Park. Here you’ll find the largest high ropes climbing course in Croatia, as well as a bunch of other fun activities.

Dinopark Funtana

Many, many, many millions of years ago, the Istrian peninsula was inhabited by dinosaurs. Today, the beautiful natural surroundings which contribute to the authentic prehistoric atmosphere are only the icing on the cake at Dinopark Funtana.

Aquarium Pula

Perhaps in the place you least expected, within the old military fort Verudela, you’ll find Aquarium Pula. Walking through the rooms, hallways, tunnels and moat of the once-mighty fort, you’ll discover plenty of the Adriatic underwater world – including more than 200 species of marine and freshwater fish, reptiles and amphibians.

Semi Submarines

Looking just like a real submarine, this little adventure boat is half-submerged underwater while the other half remains above the surface, which is why it`s called Semi Submarine. From the inside, you’ll have a front-row seat to the view under the Rovinj sea.