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Hum – the smallest city in the world


Hum is known as the smallest city in the world and it is definitely on our list of cities that would be nice to visit. It is located in central Istria and today it has only about 20 inhabitants.

Some interesting facts about Hum are:

• The Brandy Festival is held here at the end of October, where schnapps producers from all over Istria compete.

• Every year all inhabitants vote to choose the head of the village by carving their votes on a wooden stick.

• According to the legend, Hum was created by the giants. They have built Hum after completing the construction of all other cities in the river Mirna valley.

• A recipe for biska schnapps was devised in Hum, which is why this town is proudly called the City of Biska. (Biska is a schnapps produced with mistletoe.)

• On the way to Hum, you can also see the Glagolitic Lane, a monument dedicated to the Glagolitic movement.