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Truffle hunting and tasting in Istria

  Of all the foods in the world, truffles are among the most expensive because they are so rare and hard to find. In Istria, two different types of truffles are harvested, both of which have a unique taste: white and black truffles (the price of white truffles can exceed 1,400 euros per kilo!) During your stay in Istria, you can not only taste them in one of the restaurants but also have a more intimate experience – a private truffle hunt with your personal hunter!

Truffles are a delicacy found underground in the forests of Istria. They are quite rare and highly sought after, which makes them an expensive addition to any meal. Only specially trained dogs with a good sense of smell can find them. These pups are trained to detect truffles under the ground, under leaves, and even in the dirt. The dog will sense the smell of the truffle, starts digging where he thinks it is hidden, and leave the unearthing to the truffle hunter.

Book a private tour with your own truffle hunter who will take you on the search for black and white truffles in the forests of Istria. This hunter knows exactly where the delicious mushrooms grow best, and no matter how much time it takes, he will always give his clients the best time!

After the truffle hunt, which we believe will entertain the whole group, the best part is when you’ll have the opportunity to taste different dishes and products with truffles with the host who took you on the hunt!

This way you can spend a very interesting day on your vacation, experiencing a search in the forest like a real truffle hunter and then enjoy your catch!