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Traditional Istrian cuisine

Pamper your palate with fine flavours of Istria! Blending the very best of traditional style of cooking with modern-day commitment to using locally sourced seasonal ingredients, Istrian cuisine promises an exceptional culinary experience… and delivers it splendidly!

Unique ingredients for exquisite meals

Get a taste of gastronomic paradise in Istria! After all, Istrian cuisine is based on a number of elements unique to this particular region. Seafood fans greatly appreciate the flavours of the Adriatic Sea, be it sole fish of Savudrija, scallops of Novigrad or Adriatic squid. Similarly, meat lovers cannot get enough of the authentic Istrian beef boškarin. What about the exquisite delicacies made with truffles found in the Forest of Motovun?

A long list of irresistible delicacies

Start your gastronomic journey with delicious appetizers – sample Istrian sausages, prosciutto, cheese and ombolo pork delicacy. Delight in savory pasta dishes such as fuži with truffles or pljukanci in a goulash. Don’t miss the imaginative interpretations of wild asparagus, even if only in a simple frittata. Feast on first-rate fish, seafood and traditional meals such as žgvacet with the winning combination of different meat types or maneštra soup. These meals are prepared with exceptional Istrian olive oil and go perfectly well with excellent Istrian wines.

The best of Istria in every single meal

Istrian cuisine cherishes tradition and invites you to explore it without any haste, bite after bite, savouring every single taste. So, have a nice meal in Istria your taste buds will be eternally grateful for!