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Istrian wines for a unique gastronomic experience

Raise your glass and toast to the exquisite flavours of Istria, to fabulous gastronomic experiences, to moments to remember! Produced and greatly appreciated on the peninsula since the Roman times, Istrian wines beautifully complement delicious dishes of traditional cuisine and invite you to share relaxed moments with family and friends.

Exceptional wines of Istria

Enjoy a delightful seafood, fish or white meat dish over a glass of malvasia wine! The authentic flavourful white wine is produced on the western side of the peninsula. Another example of excellent rounded white wine is Momjan muscat, named after the town in whose vicinity the wine is made. It perfectly complements truffles and desserts.

Foodies who like game dishes and meat stew, prosciutto and sausages round off their meal with a glass of full-bodied ruby-red teran, also an authentic Istrian wine produced in central Istria. Apart from native varieties, Istria provides the perfect soil and microclimate for wines such as merlot, cabernet sauvignon, pinot, etc.

Enjoying wine and Istria

Walk down the road of delightful flavours of Istria! There are a number of events throughout the year which give you the perfect opportunity to sample exquisite wines. Also, the network of wine roads all over the peninsula allows you to explore them at your own pace. Whether you visit just one winery (e.g. Clai, Fakin, Kozlović, Benvenuti, Matošević, Coronica, Laguna, Chateau Belaj, Cattunar,Cossetto, etc.) or take a tour, you are in for a real treat. Cheers to amazing Istrian wines and unique gastronomic experiences!