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The best Krk dishes – traditional specialties and delicacies

Croatian cuisine is diverse. In fact, unlike other parts of the world, Croatian cuisine has a variety of different regional cuisines within it. Each region in Croatia has its own culinary tradition and they often have their own specific kinds of meat and vegetables used in meals. Then there are specialties that can only be found in certain towns or villages and often have to do with the history of the place. Here is the list of Krk meals you need to try:

1. Sheep cheese

Krk’s cheese is an autochthonous island cheese produced on family farms and is recognizable by its quality and special taste. It is a delicacy made from sheep’s milk and is produced with the fruits of nature provided by the sea and the salty pastures. We strongly recommend you to try it!

2. Prosciutto from Krk

You are probably familiar with Istrian prosciutto, which is dried and processed without skin, and Dalmatian prosciutto, which is processed with skin and smoked. Prosciutto from Krk is a combination of these two processing methods. What makes it special is that it is not smoked, but dried in the bora (wind) and processed with skin. This specialty is also protected by the Certificate of Authenticity of the European Union since 2015. So, if you are on the island of Krk, be sure to try it!

3. Šurlice

Šurlice are a homemade pasta from Krk, which you can try in various restaurants.

4. Kvarner shrimp

Kvarner shrimp is another speciality that you can try in the restaurants on Krk. They are caught in the Adriatic Sea, and their meat is very tasty. You can try them in different variants – raw and marinated, with risotto or homemade pasta or on a buzara.