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3 Beautiful Natural Attractions of The Island of Krk

Have you heard of the Croatian Island of Krk and its beautiful nature? It’s home to some of the most amazing and beautiful areas on the planet. This could be where you spend your next holiday, or even just a regular break from your daily life, and you if decide to visit it, here is the list of places you should visit:

1. Medicinal mud (Soline)

Soline bay is not just another beach in a series of beaches where visitors like to swim, it is special because nearby is the shallow beach Meline, where people smear themselves with a thick layer of black mud. Are you wondering why? The black mud of Melina has a reputation for being healing, so after that, the skin is not only more beautiful but also helps with some diseases such as gout or arthritis.

2. Sessile oak in Čavlena

If you go to the bay of Čavlena, you will notice that huge oaks dominate here. And if you climb up a little above the bay, you will have the opportunity to see the largest and oldest oak tree on the island. The age of the oak is estimated at 400 years, the circumference of the trunk is 5.4 meters and the diameter of the crown is about thirty meters!

3. Mrgari on Lipica

In the tradition of Krk, the old building technique of dry-stone walling has been preserved, in which the stones are piled up without a binder. Mrgari are multi-roomed sheepfolds made of dry-stone masonry, with a ground plan resembling a flower and housing the sheep of various owners. They can be seen in Baška, Jurandvor and Batomalje.