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Top 4 trails in Istria


Experience magical Istria by walking through paths created by nature. Every step of the way, you`ll discover authentic Istrian greenery and if you`re lucky, there is a chance of spotting some of the Istrian domestic and wild animals. Here are 4 top trails in Istria.

Grdoselo – Zelengrad trail

The trail is set up as a circular path with almost 16 km in length, and you can start your journey from Pazin. There is a lot to see during the walk. For example, the Panorama of Pazin valley will take your breath away, you won`t miss the Učka mountain and Ćićarija, there is also a panorama of Grdoselo & Butoniga lake, there are a few picturesque waterfalls and many more surprises.


It`s also known as Route of Health and Friendship, interesting, isn`t it? Parenzana is a multidisciplinary trail, meaning you can go by foot or by bike and both bring fresh memories to your holiday. Beautiful valleys, vineyards, green hills, olive groves and many more things to see and experience.

Buzet-Kotli-Hum-Buzet hiking trail

If you`re up to a 4-hour walk, then this trail is the recommendation for it. But, there is more, the trail can also fill up 10-hours of your day since its total length is 30 km. Now that` a walk. You`ll be surprised with the old-medieval town of Buzet, pond Garijak, rural complex Kotli, river Mirna, and many more features.

Heart of Vižinada trail

This trail will give you another perspective of Istria because on the way you`ll come across several agrotourism places, inns, Wine roads so it can be called also the gourmet road. The trail is almost 6 km long so there is a huge possibility for you to stop at, for example, one of the agrotourism spots and try authentic Istrian cuisine.