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The magic of Istrian coastal towns

Discover the unique charm of towns along the coast of Istria! Rich in history and culture, these towns are also fortunate to have mild and pleasant weather most of the year, attracting visitors to explore their special ambiance.


Wander the narrow cobbled street in the historical core of Rovinj! St Euphemia’s Church dominates the colourful peninsula, while the houses built in Venetian style add a special touch. One of the most popular destinations in Croatia, the town has a very distinctive appeal.


Best known for the Euphrasian Basilica (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the ancient Roman town is a definite must-see on the western coast of Istria. It perfectly combines rich heritage with excellent holiday experience.


Follow the traces of ancient Romans in Pula! Situated in the southern part of Istria, the town is the largest one on the peninsula. It has an exciting urban buzz with a lot of attractions, but there are also quiet untouched areas nearby such as Cape Kamenjak.


Enjoy the special feel of a small coastal town of Novigrad! Once a quiet fishing village, the town has a recognizable panorama with the St Pelagio Tower and the defensive walls. Due to its irresistible charm, it is a popular place for a holiday.


Experience the lively ambience of a great duo on the eastern coast of Istria! Labin is a charming medieval town on a hill, with steep paved streets you won’t mind getting lost in. The town is perfectly paired with the village on the coast – Rabac, also known as the ‘pearl of Kvarner’.