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The traditional dishes of Istria


Are you an avid gourmet and want to get to know Istria in your way? Here you will get an overview of delicious and traditional dishes that you should not miss. As the Istrian tradition dictates, the emphasis is exclusively on natural ingredients, meat and fish, wild herbs, aromatic spices and seasonal vegetables.

If you stop at one of the esteemed restaurants on the coast, try fresh seafood. Rosemary, parsley, bay leaf and Istrian olive oil will make your dish special. And the aromatic and delicate Istrian Malvasia will entice you to taste more.

The ancient technique of preparing seafood, known as buzara, involves adding various herbs and spices to the food to preserve its fresh flavour. This dish is usually made with mussels, crab, and scampi.

Adriatic squid is known for its delicate flavour and is caught with a special hook. They can be prepared in various ways, such as grilled, fried, stuffed, and served with a bit of mustard or parsley.

Since ancient times, the Oyster has been regarded as a delicacy. It is incredibly nutritious and can be eaten raw. It is also good for winter.

If the road leads you to the green interior of Istria, to one of the typical Istrian hills, you will enjoy the traditional cuisine of Istrian taverns and agritourism. Taste meat and pasta dishes in the company of local Istrian wines – Teran and Merlot and Istrian olive oil. With the crackling of the fire from the fireplace, the smell of baking and the cheerfulness of the hosts, they will feel at home.

Čripnja – traditional dishes in Istria are made under an open fireplace. They are usually prepared for a long time.

Wild asparagus is a common ingredient in Istria’s cuisine. It is harvested in the spring and used in various dishes.

Fritule – Istrian dessert similar to small doughnuts. It is usually made in Istrian homes on fast days, on Christmas Eve and in carnival time.

Fuži is a type of Istrian pasta made with thinly spread dough and a tubular shape. It’s usually served with venison, chicken stew, or asparagus.