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The story of Motovun


Motovun is one of the best-preserved medieval Istrian fortresses, which developed on top of a steep hill. In prehistoric times, Illyrian and Celtic tribes built their fortifications on the site of today’s Motovun. Its name is also of Celtic origin and is derived from the word Montona, meaning town on the mountain.

The history of Motovun begins before Roman times, when the Sekusi, a Celtic tribe, built their settlement here. Motovun consists of three parts of the city. At the very top is the oldest part, below it is “Podgrađe”, and the newer part of “Gradiciol” descends down the slope.

The Parenzana railway passed through Motovun, which gave the place a good connection with Poreč in the west and with Slovenia and Italy in the north. The station is preserved and is located at the foot of the hill on which the old part of town is located, just before entering the so-called Motovun tunnel. The town has preserved its medieval appearance to this day.

Today is one of the most visited places in Istria since it`s unique and has a lot to offer as a small town. You can take a break and enjoy Istrian cuisine in local restaurants or just enjoy the view across the Istrian landscape. If you think you can`t be overwhelmed with a small town, then you haven`t yet visited Motovun.