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The legend of the sarcophagus – get to know Rovinj in a different way!


It is known that Rovinj is one of the most attractive cities on the Adriatic coast, and we are sure that you will enjoy exploring the old town and its charming streets. Also, if you find yourself in this city, we believe that you will climb to the top of the hill from which you will enjoy the beautiful view, and on which lays the church of Saint Euphemia, to which the legend of the sarcophagus is connected.

The legend of the sarcophagus says that one morning a marble sarcophagus floated to Rovinj, and that no inhabitant could pull it out of the sea. Saint Euphemia appeared to a boy and told him that he would pull the sarcophagus ashore. The boy succeeded in doing so and dragged it to the top of the hill.

After they opened it, they found Euphemia’s body and a parchment scroll in Latin. It was written – This is the body of St. Euphemia, the virgin martyr from Chalcedon. The body has been preserved in Rovinj ever since that day and has become its symbol.