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Kids activities on the sea


Although the main activity on the beaches is sunbathing and swimming, the same rules do not apply to children. As they should be, children are full of energy and can’t wait to do something while having fun. We bring you popular activities for kids on the beach.

SUP board

One of the already regular activities is peddling on the SUP, it sounds strange but it is an extremely great activity to expend energy but also to have fun. Therefore, be prepared to try it together with your children.

Pedal boat

We also recommend pedal boats, a great experience for the whole family, but the children will still have the most fun. Newer pedal boats also have a slide that will bring even more fun to your kids.

Aquapark on the sea

Who wouldn’t love to jump on a trampoline located at sea? Your kids can also try different elements inside the aquapark and finally, what’s the most fun, jump straight into the sea which will surely bring a smile to their face.

Diving with an instructor

On almost every beach you can find a diving centre that offers various programs on the beach and among them are diving for underwater exploration. If your children want to dive and see what is in the sea, then be sure to visit a nearby diving centre, which your children will enjoy.

Various sports activities

Along some beaches, there are sports centres that provide various sports facilities. Your children, and you along with them, will be able to show off their tennis or table tennis skills. If there are more of you then you can definitely play a volleyball match or an easy game of mini-golf.