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Discovering the Istrian landscape


From the mountain Učka to the clear paths along the coast, that is how diverse Istria actually is. Seasons are changing but the beauty stays the same. If you like to explore the landscape that is a part of the Mediterranean region, continue reading and you will find out what can you expect of Istria.

For a region that takes its name from the sea it surrounds, the Mediterranean is surprisingly hilly but because of it, Istria has well-preserved waterfalls in the inland like Zarečki Krov and Sopot waterfall. They are well connected, so you can walk to them or drive by car, it`s up to you.

Deep shades of 100-year old trees form the perfect paths through Istrian most famous roads. It`s accessible on foot or you can go on a safari tour with guided sightseeing. You’ll be charmed with the greenery while wandering around. Vineyards and olive plants add a special touch to the Istrian landscape. They are nurtured and taken care of by the local people which will take place in your holiday memory for a long time.

As it`s mentioned, Istria is surprisingly hilly which means it has a lot of hiking points you can do. For example Žbevnica, it`s a little tough to climb but the view from there is something that is worth seeing. From there, you can enjoy in the view of the deep horizon of Istria. You`ll notice pastures, forests, the coast, Učka and many more features of the beautiful Istrian landscape.

So, before coming to Istria, be sure to plan your trips to some of these wonderful places. You can make picnics or you can, along the way, visit some of the local restaurants to eat and rest before the next trip point on your schedule.