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Gastronomic events in Istria

Sample the very best of Istrian cuisine at food festivals and gastronomic events! Celebrating the locally sourced ingredients, be it truffles, seafood, meat specialties and seasonal vegetables, these events let you take your taste buds on an unbelievable culinary journey.

Wild Asparagus Days

Try out the imaginative interpretations of wild asparagus in early spring! The native plant is celebrated for several weeks all over north-western Istria in a variety of dishes, from main courses to desserts.

Kapešante of Novigrad

Delight in the exquisite flavour of the pilgrim scallop of Novigrad! Every June the town holds the gourmet festival which offers more than ‘kapešante’ delicacies to include other examples of traditional Istrian cuisine.

Festival of Istrian Prosciutto

Enjoy the unique taste of Istrian prosciutto! Head to Tinjan in July or October for the irresistible slices of the authentic delicacy.

Cheese Festival

Nibble on a selection of excellent cheeses in Istria! Svetvinčenat turns into a true paradise for cheese lovers with a food festival in September. For additional fun, don’t miss the contest for the ‘the best goat’.

Truffle Days

Treat your palate to an extraordinary delicacy – the Istrian truffle! Taking place in Buzet, Motovun and Livade over several weeks from September to November, these gastronomic events give you the opportunity to try the authentic elements of Istrian cuisine in different variations.

Adriatic Squid Days

Get ready for the amazing taste of the sea! North-western Istria presents to you the Adriatic squid in most delectable dishes throughout December.

And more… Istria celebrates the very best of its cuisine all your round, so don’t miss the opportunity to try authentic food, your taste buds will greatly appreciate.