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Visit caves and pits in Istria

Stand in awe before the spectacular nature’s creations in Istria! The peninsula abounds in geomorphological phenomena, even though not all of them can be visited. Still, the caves and pits that you can see will take your breath away.

Pazin Pit

Having inspired the likes of Jules Verne and Dante, the Pazin Pit gives you a sense of thrill and amazement at the force of nature. The canyon is half a kilometre long and a hundred metre deep. There is also an educational path leading to the Piramida lookout.

Mramornica Cave, Brtonigla

Considered one of the loveliest on the peninsula, Mramornica is also the largest one. Known to the local population for centuries, the cave has fascinating multi-coloured geomorphological shapes.

Baredine Pit, Nova Vas

A protected monument of nature, the 132 m deep Baredine is home to the endemic species olm (Lat. Proteus anguinus). Touring the pit, you also get to admire interesting shapes resembling people and monuments such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There is also a popular tragic love story about the shepherdess Milka that adds a certain magic to the pit.

Romuald’s Cave

Named after the hermit St Romuald, who is believed to have stayed there for several years, the cave is situated by the Lim Channel and is open for visits. Remains of early humans and extinct animal species from the Ice Age were found there. Today the 105 m long cave is home to an endangered species – the large bat.