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The uniqueness of Istrian traditional restaurants


Konoba, a traditional Istrian place to get a taste of authentic Istrian dishes. The “konobas” were originally separate cosy places where family and friends gathered and enjoyed in wine and dine atmosphere. As Istria started to rise on the map of regions worth visiting, so did konobas started to open up for wider groups of people, tourists that spent their time in Istria.

Even though the konobas got a much higher reach and people were just coming, the atmosphere remains the same. Every one of them offers a cosy atmosphere with a family touch to the service, interior design or even with the unique dish recipes.

Since they are most family-runed businesses, be sure you`ll even get a nice chat with the owners or staff because a friendly approach is another feature of it. If you want to know more about the dish or similar, don` hesitate to ask. You`ll learn something new or even get the recipe to try to make it yourself at home.

One more thing you should know about. They are really careful about matching the dish with the perfect drink, whether it is a homemade brandy as an aperitif or a glass of top-notch Istrian wine that goes with the dish. Listen to their advice and you`ll taste a variety of tastes combine in the perfect match.

So, by entering an Istrian traditional restaurant, Konoba, be prepare for delicious dishes, perfect drinks and a great atmosphere, and there is a saying also: “No matter how happy you enter one, you`ll exit even happier”.