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Gastronomic delights of the island of Krk

Apart from its beautiful beaches and impressive culture, the island of Krk nurtures the flavours of traditional local cuisine. If you are a true foodie, we are sure this island will be at the top of your list of next destinations to visit. And to make sure you do not miss a thing; we have compiled a list of must-try drinks and dishes!

Vrbnicka zlahtina

Did you know that the island of Krk is home to one of the most famous Croatian wine varieties – Vrbnička žlahtina? The variety is known for growing exclusively in the vineyards of Krk, and the name comes from the common Slavic adjective žlahten, which means noble. The foods that go best are sheep’s cheese, white meat, and all kinds of fish.

Krk cheese

Krk cheese, an autochthonous Croatian product belonging to the group of hard and full-fat cheeses, is the reason for the establishment of many family farms on the island of Krk – with a lot of love and effort, success was bound to follow, so they are popular with visitors.


Šurlice – pasta, which is a popular Bodul dish – is a trademark of Krk tradition. Every family on Krk that follows the tradition passes the recipe on to the new generations, who continue the story with new and imaginative recipes that keep many tourists coming back every year.

Krk lamb and olive oil

An indispensable ingredient of the Mediterranean diet – olive oil – has also been cultivated by the islanders since ancient times. In addition to the listed ingredients, it was inevitable to make Krk a popular destination for lovers of young lamb.

After all this, we have no choice but to get in the car and set off on a tasting trip to the island of Krk.