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Baška’s Glagolitic Alphabet Trail


One of the most important characteristics of any country is the language they speak and the script they use, and it is equally significantly what script their ancestors used.

The Glagolitic alphabet is the first alphabet in which the Croats wrote their native language in the 10th century. Today, we have various preserved monuments, manuscripts and other texts, including the Baška tablet, on which Glagolitic alphabet is used.

The Baška Tablet is the most significant monument of early Croatian literacy, where the word hrvatski (Croatian) is mentioned for the first time in the Croatian language. As the Tablet was found in the church of St. Lucija in Baška on the island of Krk, they decided that this was the best place to make Baška’s Glagolitic Alphabet Trail. This trail should remind new generations of the importance of the Glagolitic alphabet and the Baška tablet in our history and culture. There you can see thirty-four stone sculptures with engraved Glagolitic letters and a dedication sculpture.

If you want to learn about the culture of the people of the country you are visiting, among other things, you should not bypass this path!