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Top 4 outdoor activities


Seize your holiday in Istria with outdoor activities that will stay in your memory for a long time, Villas Holiday brings you the most popular outdoor activities in Istria.


There are numerous reasons why hikers love Istrian trails. For those who are passionate about nature, these trails will take you to some of the most stunning places in Istria, and you will get the chance to indulge in otherworldly scenery. The Mediterranean vegetation can be seen all around Istria. There are numerous hiking trails in Central Istria, but all over Istria, you can discover attractive hills, picturesque Istrian landscapes, and many more.


Istria is a region with some of the most famous pits and caves in Istria that are also well known in the world. Bring your inner adventure to the surface and explore the magical mystery of Cave Baredine near Poreč. Cave Pazin, Cave Festinsko kraljevstvo in Central Istria, Cave Mramornica in Brtonigla and many more.


Because Croatia makes up the vast majority of the Istrian Peninsula, it goes without saying that most of the dive sites you can enjoy in Istria can be found there. Wreck divers will rejoice in the surplus of vessels that are available for exploration. Several ships date back to the early 1900s, like Baron Gautsch and the Flamingo. The Coriolanus sank in 1945 and was believed to be a British spy ship. Check out the caves at Fraskeric, where you can make your way through rocky tunnels. There are also caves to see in Reff Stoja and Valovine, the home of serene grottoes and underwater canyons.

Kayak safari

If you love the sea, the sun, and are not afraid of physical activity, combining pleasant with useful, KAYAK safari will provide you with an unforgettable trip through the Istrian beauties.