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3 hidden gems of Northern Istria

  Step into the fairytale untouched nature of northern Istria and visit the following places on your next trip!

Piski – the Istrian desert – is located in the area of Bujština and covers more than ten hectares of land. The gray-blue sand dunes are unforgettable because this kind of natural phenomenon is rarely seen!

Butori Waterfall – is a waterfall located near the town of Oprtalj, just a step away from the mysterious but beautiful Butori cave. Take the path to the waterfall, be inspired by this karst beauty and merge with the pristine nature that surrounds you.

Mirna River Delta – For a complete experience, be sure to visit the Mirna River Delta, which has been declared an ornithological reserve due to its rich flora and fauna with hundreds of birds, numerous amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Bring binoculars and a camera to observe them!

There is no excuse not to visit this area, which abounds in an incredible variety of history and natural sights, also because there are always free options available!